iPhones are so expensive and have such a high resale value that it’s not surprising that it’s not surprising that thieves and robbers would try to target them. This is what happened over at Essex County, New Jersey, where three men robbed an AT&T store where they stole 38 iPhones along with the personal phones belonging to the customers and employees in the store.

The robbers had entered the store and one of them who had a gun demanded that an employee open a safe in the store where the iPhones were kept. They then managed to fit all 38 iPhones into a backpack before getting away. However, it seems that they almost managed to get away with their crime but for some reason, they ended up getting into an accident and flipping their car, resulting in their eventual arrest.

Police had initially spotted their getaway car and undertook a short pursuit, but that was ultimately called off for whatever reason. However, it seems that despite the lack of pursuit, maybe in their eagerness, they got into an accident. It is unclear how they managed to flip their car, but had that not happened, they might have gotten away with it.

That being said, it should be noted that companies like Apple had safeguards in place for stolen iPhones where they can remotely brick them, thus turning them into very expensive paperweights.

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