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AT&T Will No Longer Throttle Their Unlimited Elite Customers
AT&T’s highest tier and most expensive data plan is its Unlimited Elite plan. However, for $85 a month, customers will still get throttled despite the name after hitting a certain amount of data. This throttling happens during peak times. However, the good news is that AT&T has decided to remove that and update the plan as well.

These Robbers Almost Got Away After Stealing 38 iPhones
iPhones are so expensive and have such a high resale value that it’s not surprising that it’s not surprising that thieves and robbers would try to target them. This is what happened over at Essex County, New Jersey, where three men robbed an AT&T store where they stole 38 iPhones along with the personal phones belonging to the customers and employees in the store.

90-Year Old Man’s Viral Ad Forces AT&T To Take Action And Upgrade His Internet
Are you experiencing slow internet speeds in your area? Sure, you might call in to complain, but how often does that actually result in something being done? Rarely, we can only assume, but it seems that maybe a good course of action would be to take out an ad in a newspaper to get the attention of your local internet company.

AT&T To Stop Selling Its DSL Internet Plans
If you live in an urban area, there’s a good chance that you’re probably spoilt for choice when it comes to internet connectivity, but when it comes to more rural areas, those choices might be severely limited to just DSL. Unfortunately for those people living in rural areas that rely on AT&T’s DSL services, your time could be coming to an end.


Motorola One 5G Is An Affordable 5G Capable Smartphone
Back in 2019 when the first 5G smartphones were rolling out, they were pretty much exclusive to flagship devices, which meant that they weren’t exactly what many would consider to be affordable. Thankfully, 2020 seems to have improved on that aspect, and if you’re after a 5G capable handset that won’t break the bank, Motorola might have something for you.

AT&T Is Trying To Scare Customers Into Upgrading Their Phones
As technology evolves, what we use now might not be relevant or even compatible with future tech. That much is expected, but it seems that AT&T has recently stoked the fears of customers by sending out an email suggesting that their phones might stop working if they do not upgrade them.

Streaming HBO Max On AT&T Won’t Count Towards Data Cap
Stream video content consumes data, that is a fact. However, it seems that if you’re an AT&T subscriber and you’re also subscribed to HBO Max (which launched late April), it looks like streaming HBO Max on your mobile device won’t actually count towards your data cap, meaning that you’ll essentially be able to stream it unlimited without worrying about it consuming your mobile data allocation.

AT&T Agrees To Stop Using The ‘5G Evolution’ Marketing Term
Last year, AT&T decided to change the labeling on its phones where instead of displaying LTE, the company “upgraded” it to “5G E”. This caused a bit of controversy as it was not technically 5G, and some felt that by using the term “5G”, it would mislead customers into thinking that they had 5G when they really did not.

AT&T's LTE Will Be Used To Power Robots That Can Help Disinfect Surfaces
These days ensuring that surfaces are clean and free from bacteria and viruses is more important than ever, no thanks to the COVID-19 virus that has been spreading like wildfire across the world. However, AT&T thinks that they can help, and thanks to the use of its LTE network, companies like XENEX are using it to power robots that can help disinfect surfaces.

Carriers Are Displaying ‘Stay Home’ Messages On Status Bars
While social distancing will not cure the coronavirus, it will help to flatten the curve in the number of infections and help ease the burden on healthcare workers, who seem to be dealing with more patients on a daily basis. To help remind people to stay home, it appears that various carriers around the world are starting to display messages in the status bar of phones to let customers know […]

US Carriers To Suspend Cancellations And Waive Late Fees
If you’re late to pay your phone bills, don’t be surprised if you get hit with a late fee, or in some cases if you’ve not paid for an extended period of time, your account could get suspended or even cancelled. However, that will no longer be the case, at least for the time-being where US carriers have announced that they will be suspending those penalties.

AT&T Responds To Coronavirus Crisis By Suspending Broadband Data Caps
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many companies are starting to send employees home to work. This is done to help reduce and contain the spread of the virus, where hopefully by working at home, it reduces the risk of employees catching it. However, this in turn creates another problem.

FCC Wants To Fine Carriers For Selling User Location Data
As some of you might have heard, last year it came to light that major carriers in the US have been selling user location data to third-party companies. The carriers have since said that they have ceased those practices, but apparently that isn’t enough for the FCC who are now proposing a token fine to the carriers involved.

AT&T’s 5G Goes Live For 10 Markets
2019 is the year when 5G is supposed to start rolling out to consumers. As expected, given the launch of LTE, it will probably be a while before it becomes as ubiquitous. However, the good news for AT&T customers is that if you live in select markets, it seems that the carrier’s 5G service has officially gone live.

AT&T’s Voicemail Has Been Down For Weeks, No Timeline For Fix Yet
If you’re someone who relies on voicemail quite a bit, then you might be aware that AT&T’s voicemail services have been down for the past few weeks, and to make matters worse, apparently the carrier doesn’t seem to have a timeline as to when it could be fixed. This means that we could still be waiting for days or weeks before it is resolved.

AT&T And T-Mobile Team Up To Combat Robocalls
Back in the day,  AT&T and T-Mobile used to be quite close with each other, to the point where some of you might recall, both carriers almost merged with each other. While that merger is no longer on the table, it seems that both companies will be working with each other once again to combat against the rise of robocalls.

AT&T Is Ditching The DirecTV Now Branding
DirecTV subscribers take note. AT&T has announced today that it’s doing away with the branding. The DirecTV Now brand for this streaming service will be retired over the summer. It was first launched in December 2016. The company is now going to rebrand it to “AT&T TV Now.” AT&T has decided to make this change as it begins test pilots in select markets across the country of its new TV […]

AT&T Aims To Offer Live Sports And News Through HBO Max
AT&T is detailing its plans for HBO Max, its upcoming standalone streaming service, which include a live TV element for the service. The company’s CEO revealed during a call with investors that AT&T is aiming to offer live sports and news through the HBO Max streaming service.

AT&T Will Now Block Robocalls Automatically
AT&T is taking a big step to remove the robocall headache for its subscribers. The carrier today announced that it will automatically start blocking robocalls for users and that they don’t need to opt-in for this. It says that automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam call alerts will be added to consumer lines for no additional charge.

AT&T Has Cancelled All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders
Samsung’s foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, was meant to be a celebration of how far we’ve come along in terms of technological development. Unfortunately, it seems to be struggling to get off the ground. To make matters worse, it seems that AT&T has sent out emails to its Galaxy Fold customers informing them that their pre-orders have since been cancelled.