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AT&T’s 5G Goes Live For 10 Markets
2019 is the year when 5G is supposed to start rolling out to consumers. As expected, given the launch of LTE, it will probably be a while before it becomes as ubiquitous. However, the good news for AT&T customers is that if you live in select markets, it seems that the carrier’s 5G service has officially gone live.

AT&T’s Voicemail Has Been Down For Weeks, No Timeline For Fix Yet
If you’re someone who relies on voicemail quite a bit, then you might be aware that AT&T’s voicemail services have been down for the past few weeks, and to make matters worse, apparently the carrier doesn’t seem to have a timeline as to when it could be fixed. This means that we could still be waiting for days or weeks before it is resolved.

AT&T And T-Mobile Team Up To Combat Robocalls
Back in the day,  AT&T and T-Mobile used to be quite close with each other, to the point where some of you might recall, both carriers almost merged with each other. While that merger is no longer on the table, it seems that both companies will be working with each other once again to combat against the rise of robocalls.

AT&T Is Ditching The DirecTV Now Branding
DirecTV subscribers take note. AT&T has announced today that it’s doing away with the branding. The DirecTV Now brand for this streaming service will be retired over the summer. It was first launched in December 2016. The company is now going to rebrand it to “AT&T TV Now.” AT&T has decided to make this change as it begins test pilots in select markets across the country of its new TV […]


AT&T Aims To Offer Live Sports And News Through HBO Max
AT&T is detailing its plans for HBO Max, its upcoming standalone streaming service, which include a live TV element for the service. The company’s CEO revealed during a call with investors that AT&T is aiming to offer live sports and news through the HBO Max streaming service.

AT&T Will Now Block Robocalls Automatically
AT&T is taking a big step to remove the robocall headache for its subscribers. The carrier today announced that it will automatically start blocking robocalls for users and that they don’t need to opt-in for this. It says that automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam call alerts will be added to consumer lines for no additional charge.

AT&T Has Cancelled All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders
Samsung’s foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, was meant to be a celebration of how far we’ve come along in terms of technological development. Unfortunately, it seems to be struggling to get off the ground. To make matters worse, it seems that AT&T has sent out emails to its Galaxy Fold customers informing them that their pre-orders have since been cancelled.

LG V40 ThinQ Android Pie Update Rolling Out On AT&T
LG V40 users on AT&T have something to be excited about today. The carrier has started rolling out the Android 9 Pie update for the device, finally. The device didn’t ship with Android Pie out of the box when it first arrived. That limitation has finally been addressed today with the release of Android Pie.

AT&T Mulling A Video Streaming Bundle For $16 A Month
These days, we’re starting to see more companies get into the subscription business. This is because the subscription business is a lot more sustainable compared to ala carte purchases, whether it be for games, music, movies, and so on. In fact, a report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that AT&T could be considering getting into the business of video streaming.

AT&T Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments
The country’s second largest mobile carrier, AT&T, has announced that it will now accept cryptocurrency payments. That’s good news for those who use digital currencies to manage their affairs but not so much for anyone else who don’t really have any incentive to trade their real money for cryptocurrencies. AT&T says that it’s the first carrier in the country to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Friends May Not Stream On Netflix In The Future
It was a big deal when Friends became available for streaming on Netflix. It’s one of the most popular TV shows ever with countless fans across the globe. Those fans may not be happy to find out that the company which owns the rights to Friends is going to remove it from competing online streaming services.

All Four Major US Carriers Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit For Selling Customer Data
It was discovered not too long ago that it was actually a pretty easy process to get information about someone from a carrier, where you could actually find the location of a person on a carrier’s network by paying a third-party service. Carriers later came forward to state that they would no longer be selling customer data to outsiders, but it seems like it could be too little too late.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Officially Announced
Last year it was reported that Samsung could be working on a successor to its massive Galaxy View tablet. It turns out the rumors were true because Samsung has since officially unveiled the Galaxy View 2 where it will be available for purchase through AT&T.

AT&T’s CEO Anticipates 5G Plans Could Be Tier-Based And More Expensive
It goes without saying that many are excited to see what kind of changes and improvements 5G could be bringing to the table. As it stands, LTE is pretty fast, but tests have shown that 5G is faster. Unfortunately, it also seems that 5G plans could potentially be more expensive, or at least that’s what AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson is anticipating.