US Carriers Band Together To Launch ‘Project Verify’

As we have said in the past, the humble password is not necessarily the best way of securing your online accounts. This is because due to people generally choosing bad passwords for themselves, which can be easily guessed. This has led to the rise of two-factor authentication systems and also hardware keys like Google’s Titan.

AT&T’s Mobile 5G Will Arrive In Five Additional Cities This Year

AT&T had previously confirmed a handful of cities that would receive its mobile 5G service before the end of this year. The carrier today confirmed the remaining cities on the list. These five additional markets will receive the carrier’s mobile 5G service by the end of this year. They join the seven for which AT&T has already confirmed mobile 5G plans for.

Security Flaws Leave AT&T, T-Mobile Customer PINs Exposed

As if T-Mobile wasn’t having a bad enough week after having experienced a security breach, it seems that the carrier along with AT&T have been hit with yet another security issue, this time exposing the PINs of the accounts belonging to their customers, although to their credit it wasn’t anything they could have done.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Orders Are Now Open

We’re sure that many were pretty impressed with what Samsung had in store for us when they officially announced the Galaxy Note 9. If it was good enough to impress you to the point where you would buy it, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the handset is now available for pre-order from carriers or directly through Samsung.


AT&T Becomes Exclusive Wireless Vendor Of Magic Leap’s AR Glasses

Magic Leap has been working on its augmented reality glasses for quite some time now and the company still hasn’t confirmed when they’re going to be available. Magic Leap One, Creator Edition is the company’s first product which will deliver an enhanced augmented reality experience. The device is scheduled to ship later this year to qualified designers and developers. AT&T has announced that it will provide data for the AR […]

DirecTV Now Prices Being Raised By $5 Soon

AT&T’s DirecTV Now plans will now be a bit more expensive as the standalone online streaming service has confirmed that it’s raising $5 across the board. All packages available to DirecTV subscribers will now cost $5 more than they did in the past. The price hike comes after similar moves from the likes of YouTube TV and Sling TV in recent months.

$15 AT&T WatchTV Streaming Service Goes Live

AT&T recently announced a new standalone online TV streaming service called WatchTV. The service is cheaper than almost all of its competitors at just $15 per month and it’s certainly cheaper than AT&T’s existing DirecTV streaming service. WatchTV was previously available to AT&T subscribers on select plans but now it’s open for everyone.

AT&T’s New WatchTV Streaming Service Costs $15 Per Month

AT&T already has a standalone online TV streaming service called DirecTV and today it’s launching another one merely days after completing its acquisition of Time Warner. The new service is called WatchTV and it has been launched at an aggressive price point of $15 per month. The service comes with 31 channels at launch and will get 6 networks from Viacom in the near future, according to AT&T.

Judge Rules AT&T’s Merger With Time Warner Can Go Through

The Justice Department had filed a lawsuit against the proposed merger of AT&T with Time Warner and it argued that the deal would be anti-competitive. However, a judge has now ruled that the merger can go through and many are saying that this could turn out to be one of the most consequential antitrust decisions in recent years. The decision thus clears the path for AT&T to merge with Time […]

AT&T Releases Oreo For Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners have had to wait for a considerable amount of time to get a taste of Oreo on their handsets. The company started rolling out the update in the United Kingdom first last month only to pull it a few days later due to some issues. The roll out was resumed a few days later and the update has finally made its way […]

AT&T Starts Selling The LG V35 ThinQ

AT&T decided against launching the G7 ThinQ on its network because it wanted to carry another LG device instead, the V35 ThinQ. LG officially launched the device not too long ago and AT&T promptly confirmed that it will be selling the handset. Interested customers can now purchase the LG V35 ThinQ from AT&T for $899.

AT&T Grandfathered Unlimited Plan Price Being Raised Again

AT&T decided to discontinue its original $30 unlimited plan back in 2010 but it has been offering it to those who have stuck with the grandfathered unlimited data plan since then. It has raised the price of this plan multiple times, though, and it appears that AT&T is doing it once again. According to a new report, AT&T is raising the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan from $40 […]

LG V35 ThinQ Officially Launched, AT&T Prices It At $900

AT&T had decided to not carry the LG G7 ThinQ and reports had suggested that the company would carry another device instead, the LG V35 ThinQ. LG announced the V35 ThinQ officially today and it looks quite similar to the V30S and V30. AT&T is indeed going to be carrying this device, the carrier has priced it at $900, customers can get it for $30 per month over 30 months.

AT&T Takes On Amazon’s Dash Button With The LTE-M Button

When Amazon first launched its Dash buttons, it almost seemed like an April Fools joke. However it seems that the Dash buttons have proven to be a success, allowing customers to order items at a press of a button without having to go through the process of loading up the website, checking it out, and so on.