As we had reported a couple of days ago, Facebook for iOS was given a pretty big update which hopefully will sit well with iOS users. Unfortunately the Android version of the Facebook app has yet to receive the same treatment and while I personally find that the app isn’t too horrible, it could do some with tweaks and improvements and added functionality. Facebook seems to think so as well and according to reports, Facebook’s management has instituted a new “policy” that supposedly will make employees more proactive in making the Android Facebook app just as good, if not better than its recently updated iOS counterpart.

If the reports are true, Facebook is currently “forcing” its employees to use Android phones, which at the same time meant that they had to install the Android version of the Facebook app. They are hoping if employees are stuck using the “terrible” app, they will be forced to do something about it which will ultimately translate into a better experience for Android users. In any case what do Android users think of the current Facebook app? Do you think there are many things about it that could stand to be improved upon? Or do you think it’s fine the way it is?

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