NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been the focal launch point for an entire generation of space technology and exploration, and you can bet your bottom dollar that many enthusiasts do look forward to being up close and personal with a space shuttle, while following in the paths of astronauts. Well, technology has empowered us in many ways, and today, Google’s Street View has decided to collaborate with NASA so that folks around the world are able to make that historic (albeit a digital one) trip to the doorway to outer space by paying a visit to the Kennedy Space Center, where it is on its way to being a multipurpose launch complex for the next 50 years of space innovation.

Some of the images which you are able to explore online with but a single mouse would be the fabled space shuttle launch pad, Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Firing Room #4. Imagine checking out the humongous launch pad from the top, or how about peering up at the towering ceiling of the Vehicle Assembly Building which for your information, is taller than the Statue of Liberty?

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