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Google Street View Makes South African Safari Accessible To Everyone
I remember talking to some retired folk close to a couple of decades ago, and they did mention that there is no longer any more need to travel the world since you can view all of those amazing places right from the comfort of your living room through the National Geographic channels as well as other travel documentaries. Sure, they are right to a certain extent, but you still miss […]

Google Street View Lets You Visit Mont Blanc Now
One great thing about Google’s Street View is this, you get to pay a visit to some of the most famous landmarks around the world, without having to leave the comfort of your own home or to experience jet lag, and more importantly, save a whole lot of dosh in your pockets as well. This time around, the folks over at Google have managed to cobble together images of one […]

Street View Lets You Tour Petra, Jordan
There is something about ruins that do seem to carry a sense of mystique and intrigue. If only walls could talk, how those ancient stones in the city of Petra, Jordan, will be able to whisper and regale us with tales of yore as armies marched through its belly and traders haggled with their customers. Google’s Street View (which has been launched as a standaone app) will now allow users […]

Google Street View Brings You To The Samburu National Reserve
Google’s Street View has definitely seen its fair share of interesting sights in the past, ranging from a vertical view of El Capitan to that of exploring the Loch Ness, although there has been no sightings of Nessie just yet over there via Street View. This time around, Google expands on your sense of adventure by coming up with a virtual tour of a beautiful place known as the Samburu […]


Cat Street View Lets You Tour Hiroshima Town
Earlier today, we did bring you word that Google’s Street View has now launched as a standalone app – which would work great for travelers and backpackers alike, although it is not going to come in handy when you are right smack in the middle of the jungle without any kind of signal to begin with. Cats have dominated the Internet for long enough, and here we are with a […]

Google Street View Launched As A Standalone App
If you’re looking for directions to somewhere you’re going, Google Maps is a great way to go about it. However what if that location has tons of shops and the one you’re looking for isn’t particularly clear with its signage? That’s when Google Street View comes in handy as you can check out the neighboring shops to get an idea of where it might be in relation to those shops.That […]

Google Presents Amazing Vertical Street View Of El Capitan
Folks who are not familiar with the Yosemite Valley might not be aware that El Capitan is the name of a 3,000 feet high rock wall and not just Apple’s latest Mac update, though in all fairness Apple has taken inspiration for the update from the real El Capitan itself. To launch its first ever vertical Street View collection Google partnered with legendary climbers Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell […]

Apple To Move Around Camera-Studded Vehicles For Street View
Apple has officially confirmed that it is overhauling its Street View-style service. The company is going to place a fleet of camera-studded vehicles on the streets of Ireland, US and UK to collect accurate data. It was in February, when a car chartered to Apple, equipped with cameras and scanning tools was spotted in San Francisco.

Google Reveals Special Street View Images
As part of its most recent update, Google has unveiled a bevy of 40 new “special Street View” images. In addition to regular images, the new views will take the road less traveled, as you get to swim with humpback whales over in the Cook Islands, not to mention make a dive off the coast of Bali, or how about strolling down the beach in Samoa?

Google’s Street View Now Lets You Explore Loch Ness
Google Street View is a handy tool if you’re trying to look for a specific place and want some details that the map just won’t show you, and in some instances it allows users to “travel” the world by exploring the streets of cities that they haven’t gotten a chance to visit, even if it is all the way on the other side of the world.Now if you’ve always been […]

Google Street View Gets Virtual Reality Mode
Earlier this year, Google launched Cardboard which is basically a cheap DIY virtual reality headset made from, well, cardboard. There are no electronic components and in order to get it to work, you will need to use your smartphone as the device’s display along with an accompanying app that gives you virtual reality on the cheap.Now if you do own the Cardboard, you might be interested to learn that there […]

Street View Camera Captures Desert While Strapped To A Camel
Camels walking through a vast expanse of desert dunes immediately invokes images of Arabia in one’s mind and even in this day and age it holds true to some extent. The Liwa Desert is one of the oldest sites in the United Arab Emirates and when Google wanted to capture the desert’s stunning imagery it decided keep the “disruption of this fragile environment” at a minimum, which is why it […]

Explore The Great Pyramids In Street View
Have Street View, will travel. I suppose that can be considered to be the new mantra these days, especially when you consider how Google’s Street View has gone places, such as the Angkor Wat as well as the higher institutions of learning. How about dropping by the deserts of Egypt, where the Great Pyramids beckon, not to mention the eternal Sphinx staring into space? New Street View imagery is available […]

Google Street View Car Caught Crashing Motorcyclist On Camera
Google’s Street View car might be involved in the seemingly noble work of capturing 360-degree images of roads across all major cities in the world, allowing the masses to actually explore a particular area without being there physically. It is an extremely useful tool to familiarize oneself with a particular neighborhood before you even step foot there for the first time, and if you’ve seen enough, you will be able […]