It has been said that about 3 million children die every year because they do not have access to vaccine preventable diseases. Perhaps looking to start lowering those numbers, or perhaps as a way to better manage patient records, Peter Beegle has come up with an app called Immune. What this app does is that it basically links up to a QR code that can be either worn around the child’s neck as a pendant, or on an ID, or via QR codes embedded in toys or kept with the parents. Upon scanning the QR code, doctors will be able to pull up the records of the patient and will show what sort of vaccines will be needed for the patient or the rest of the children in the village.

From there healthcare workers will be able to better prepare themselves for the medication and vaccine that they need to bring with them, thus saving them multiple trips which is not only time consuming, but could cost a child their life if they do not make it back in time. More info about the app and the concept behind it can be found on several videos on the Industrial Design for Learning and Empowerment website.

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