Persona 4 Golden skin for your PS Vita and matching wallpapers can be your if you pre-order the game

If the upcoming Persona 4 Golden is a game that caught your attention and made you decide to go out and buy a PlayStation Vita, you might be interested to learn that if you were to pre-order the game, you will be able to get your hands on a Persona 4 Golden skin for your PlayStation Vita! As pictured above, this skin will cover the surface of your handheld console and is said to be able to protect your device from small scratches to dust. It reportedly can be applied and removed easily without and residue being left behind. To top it off, 8 exclusive wallpapers will come bundled, with each featuring one of the main characters from the game and is also expected to match the skin of your console. If you were planning on getting the game anyway, we guess pre-ordering it and getting these perks would just be a nice bonus. Persona 4 Golden is expected to be released on the PlayStation Vita this holiday season.

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