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Samsung Galaxy S3 gets final Ice Cream Sandwich update from Samsung?

ics galaxy s3Yes, we have heard about how the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM has been leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S3 a few days ago, where it will run unrestricted on international models of the smartphone, but before Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich bids goodbye to the Galaxy S3, how about having one last Ice Cream Sandwich update being released by Samsung themselves for the road? This is what GSMHelpdesk.nl claims, touting that the Over The Air update is nothing major, but will still be important in its very own way in order to make right several stability issues in addition to squashing other bugs.

The OTA update will weigh in at 27.4MB, and the operating system version will still remain the same, while no additional features are introduced. This means your Galaxy S3 will still be powered by version 4.0.4 of Android even after the OTA has been installed. For those who want to skip this OTA update, you can always wait until August 29th for the official Jelly Bean release.

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