If you felt that maybe your iPhone’s speakers weren’t loud enough, there’s now an app for that. While Seedio might not be able to boost the volume on your iPhone’s speakers, it will instead allow you to beam the song you’re currently playing on your iPhone to other iOS devices on the same WiFi network who also have Seedio installed, essentially turning all iOS devices in the room/house into one giant unified speaker. Of course it should be noted that just because you have 5 iPhones playing the same song, it doesn’t mean that it will be five times as loud, but hopefully the additional speakers will help boost the volume to more acceptable levels. While we have yet to try this app out for ourselves, its function sounds like a pretty good idea and we guess it should help with small parties looking to blast some music in the background. Seedio is a free download at the moment from the iTunes App Store although the developer will be charging for the app in the future. If this sounds like an app you don’t mind checking out, pop on over to the iTunes App Store for the download.

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