We live in a stereotypical world, and hence, it is no surprise to hear that Sony attempts to correct the deficiencies that are associated with the field of augmented reality, especially that niggling feeling of interacting with a lively albeit unrealistic 2D character. How does Sony go about addressing this particular issue? Well, we are looking at a new kind of technology known as “LiveAction AR,” which unsurprisingly, has a Japanese schoolgirl starring in it for starters. How about that for a standard issue stereotype, huh?

A demonstration of LiveAction AR showed off an augmented reality woman who stepped out of a wall poster, where she will then interact with you, the viewer. The creepy part (or some others might call it brilliant) would be this – whenever you move around, the character as well as her eyes will also follow in tow, making this the digital version of the Mona Lisa. Talk about increasing the realism factor with a pair of following eyes! Check out the video above to know more about how Sony’s LiveAction AR works in the real world.

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