Adobe has had a long history in the world of fonts, even when specification for the PostScript Type 1 font format was considered to be a closely-guarded trade secret that had led the situation to a head, where some have dubbed it the “font wars.” Well, glad to say that Adobe has now forged new ground by introducing Source Sans Pro. Just what is Source Sans Pro? It is a new kind of font family which was developed by Paul Hunt, and it was specially designed to see action in Adobe’s open source applications. Similar to Roboto from Google, the Source Sans Pro family is meant to see action mainly in user interfaces, so that means it needs to be legible even at low resolution, and yet maintain the tension of being readable enough in order to support long streams of text.

The main claim to history for Source Sans Pro would be its status as Adobe’s first completely open source type family, so you as the end user have complete freedom to use and tweak it according to your own whim and fancy, without having any legal eagles sending you notices to cease-and-desist.

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