For those who are all about sustainability and going green, the iBam 2 bamboo speakers might be worth taking a look at. Designed for the iPhone 4/4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3, these bamboo speakers use no circuitry and instead rely on the hollow inner tube of the bamboo to help amplify the volume coming from your smartphone’s speakers. Given that the upcoming iPhone could feature a much smaller dock connector, we expect that these bamboo speakers should play nice with it since it does not require any connectivity at all. Sold in Singapore, the iBam 2 will cost you $63.22 which we have to admit is pricier than some less-sustainable iPhone speakers we’ve come across in the past, but we guess that’s the price we pay for sustainability! In any case if you’d like to check out the iBam 2 and maybe order one for yourself, head on over to Pasargora for the details.

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