Popular microblogging platform Tumblr is launching a new curated site for user-generated original content. It’s called Reblorg, and we are wondering how different it is when compared to Tumblr’s Storyboard. But according to the company, Reblorg will be Tumblr’s hub for original creative work.


“Video, animation, GIFs, glitches, music, paintings, challenge posts, contests, games, tech toys, collage, haiku, limericks, and kabuki coding are all welcome here, among other art forms,” the team behind Reblorg said. The submission rules are simple – it has to be new and it has to be made personally by the user.

When you will head over to the newly launched site now, you will be able to see a couple of images and animated GIFs including a hotdog wearing sunglasses, a pigeon with tacos on its head, a man on the moon, cheeseburgers, and people eating in a restaurant. It may seem bizarre, but it can be a perfect place for artists like you. You can check out Reblorg here.

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