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Tumblr Has Been Sold Off Yet Again, Adult Content Ban To Remain In Place
Back in 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo which in turn also meant that they acquired some of the other companies under Yahoo’s umbrella, such as microblogging platform Tumblr. However, we had heard back in May this year that Verizon could be looking to sell off Tumblr, and sure enough they have.

Verizon Could Be Looking To Sell Off Tumblr
A couple of years ago, Verizon announced that they would be acquiring Yahoo, which in turn also meant that they would be acquiring some of the other properties that Yahoo owns as well, such as Tumblr. While Tumblr was popular back in its day, following Verizon’s acquisition and the stricter rules imposed on it, the platform lost quite a few of its users.

Tumblr Loses One-Fifth Of Its Users After Porn Ban
Tumblr announced in December last year that it will no longer allow pornographic content on its platform. It may have been widely used for sharing stories and images but there was a large subset of users that stuck with Tumblr because it allowed adult content. The ban has resulted in one-fifth of Tumblr’s user base deserting the platform.

Tumblr Will Be Hiding Adult Content Starting Today
Tumblr announced a ban on adult content earlier this month. It came as a surprise to many of the platform’s users who preferred it precisely because of its acceptance of such content. However, the company laid down the law in a blog post, saying that “adult content will no longer be allowed here.” That policy has now begun to take effect.


Tumblr Finally Returns To The iOS App Store
It has been a month or so since Tumblr was removed from the iOS App Store over certain pornographic content. For those who are looking to use the Tumblr app on their phones again (assuming you did not download it earlier), you’ll be pleased to learn that Tumblr’s app is once again available from the iOS App Store.

Tumblr’s Explicit Content Algorithms Are Off To A Bad Start
Tumblr is known for being a microblogging platform and in a way it seems like a cross between platforms like Blogspot and Twitter. However the platform has also been come to known as a place where you can find porn and other adult content, something which the company has announced that they would be cracking down on.

Tumblr To Ban All Pornographic Material From Its Website
Tumblr is a great place to go if you’re looking for funny images, stories, blog posts, but it has also over the years become a place for people to share porn. For the longest time ever, the company has more or less tolerated the presence of such content, but not anymore. In an announcement on its website, Tumblr has revealed that they will now be banning such content.

Tumblr For iOS Was Removed For Child Pornography
The other day we reported that Tumblr’s iOS app had suddenly disappeared from the App Store. It was suggested then that it could have been due to inappropriate content, and as it turns out the speculation was right as CNET’s has since confirmed that it was due to child pornography.

Tumblr App Disappears From The iOS App Store
Tumblr is a popular platform for those who are looking to blog, look up funny images, GIFs, and so on. However it is also a place where quite a number of NSFW posts exists, and it has since been speculated that could have been one of the reasons why the app has since disappeared from the iOS App Store.

Tumblr Introduces ‘Safe Mode’ That Helps Hide NSFW Content
It is no secret that Tumblr is host to a ton of NSFW content, which has in the past gotten them blocked in certain countries. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy coming across NSFW content while browsing Tumblr, not to worry as the website has since announced a new feature in the form of “safe mode”.

Tumblr's Cabana App Lets You Watch YouTube Videos With Friends
The folks over at Tumblr have launched a new standalone app called Cabana which will enable you to watch online videos with your friends. You basically video chat with your friends or family members and then watch YouTube videos together. This isn’t something that hasn’t been done before. Google already made this possible with YouTube party mode for Hangouts and with Uptime.

Tumblr For The Web Now Supports Apple’s Live Photos
In 2015, Apple introduced a new feature to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Live Photos. Basically you could think of this as an enhanced GIF, or a super short video clip which captures seconds before and after a photo was taken, thus giving it more context and making it more interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Tumblr Bringing Ads To Blogs
Tumblr has confirmed plans to launch a new advertising program which will bring ads to users’ blogs. It’s yet to reveal the exact details of how this program is going to function but it appears to be an expansion of Tumblr’s Creatrs program which enables brands to work with Tumblr users directly instead of making advertisers deal with third-party influencer networks.

Tumblr Confirms Live Video Feature
It was reportedly recently that Tumblr will soon launch a new feature that will enable its users to stream live video. Tumblr has now officially confirmed the Live Video feature, by the end of today its 500 million+ users will be able to broadcast themselves directly into their followers’ dashboards and vice versa. Tumblr now joins the list of companies offering similar functionality, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.