A couple of years ago, Verizon announced that they would be acquiring Yahoo, which in turn also meant that they would be acquiring some of the other properties that Yahoo owns as well, such as Tumblr. While Tumblr was popular back in its day, following Verizon’s acquisition and the stricter rules imposed on it, the platform lost quite a few of its users.

So much so that it might no longer be the money-maker that Verizon had hoped it would, to the extent that according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the carrier could be looking to unload Tumblr onto someone else by selling it off. The company has been reported to have approached a bunch of other companies over the past few weeks to see who might be interested.

Unfortunately, the report does not mention if there are any biters and it also mentions that there is a chance that it might not get sold off. At the moment, Tumblr still plays home to about 450 million or so blogs with over 170 billion posts, so it’s not as if it is a ghost town. However, as we mentioned earlier, some of the stricter rules applied to Tumblr following Yahoo’s acquisition has resulted in the platform steadily losing its users.

It is possible that if Tumblr were to be sold off and have its restrictions removed (there was a good reason it was imposed), it could be revived again, but we suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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