If you happen to live in New York, then you would know that this city which never sleeps has its fair share of colorful characters, and among them would be this “Who’s Your Daddy” truck with Jared Rosenthal as the driver. As its name suggests, Rosenthal will charge anywhere from $299 to $575 for a paternity test, settling the answer once and for all to the question asked by bruised egos as well as suspicious minds, “Who is the kid’s parent?”

Rosenthal said, “It’s heartbreak hotel. It’s really, really tough sometimes. It’s just drama, a lot of drama. You see a man come in with a baby. You see them together and you just hope that he’s the father.” Those who have engaged Rosenthal’s services are able to receive the results in person, or have the choice to do so via mail. Now this is truly a novel idea, and so far Rosenthal has had his fair share of heartwarming as well as heartbreaking stories, making this one of the more emotional businesses you could run – apart from wedding planners and funeral directors, I suppose.

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