World of Warcraft is a game that can be played in many different ways – some play it for the more social aspects of the game, such as meeting new friends, joining a guild and just socializing while playing casually. Then you have those who raid hardcore every night of the week, then you have those who participate in the Arenas for PVP and then you have the auctioneer who spends most of their time in the auction house buying and selling. While you can’t raid or participate in Arena via your mobile phone, what you can do is chat with guildies and check up on your Auction House purchases and sales via the World of Warcraft Remote app.

Originally attached with a subscription service, Blizzard announced not too long ago that the World of Warcraft Remote service is now free for all current subscribers! In case you’re wondering what the app does, it basically lets you stay in touch with your guild mates, create, bid and collect gold via the Auction House. It can be pretty handy for the player that likes to stay  up to date while on the go, so for more details, head on over to the World of Warcraft blog.

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