The folks at iFixit have managed to get their hands on Apple’s latest Earpods and have conducted a teardown of the earphones. Given its rather unique design, many are wondering how it will hold up against the old earphones that Apple traditionally bundles with its iOS devices. Now we’re sure that those who have used those earphones can agree to just how easily they break. Not just physically, but also electronically whereby the sound in one side will stop working. Will Apple’s new Earpods fare better?

According to the folks at iFixit, after conducting an extensive look into the Earpods, they have concluded that these new earphones are more durable than its predecessor. It features larger cable wrapping to reduce the strain on the wires and are said to be more resistant to water and sweat. We strongly advise putting them to the test but for those who’d rather not spring for more expensive/durable earphones, we expect these should do the trick, at least for now. Head on over to iFixit’s website for the complete teardown and analysis.

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