We first took a look at the ecoATM at Demo Spring 2011, which was an improvement over its predecessor while dispensing cash in exchange for old devices. Well, here we are with yet another look at the ecoATM which has been further improved, and we will talk more on how the ecoATM works. First of all, the ecoATM is a unique, automated system which allows consumers trade in old electronic devices for a cash reimbursement or recycling purposes. How does the ecoATM tell the difference and quality of your old device?

This automated system will use sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) which was developed to differentiate varied consumer electronics products while coming up with a final market value in the process. Should the value be acceptable to the end user, you can choose to receive cash or store credit for your trade. If you feel generous, then you are able to donate all or part of the compensation to one of several charities.

Up to 75% of phones the ecoATM collects will have a new owner soon, while the rest are recycled. In fact, the ecoATM is able to tell the difference between cracked glass on a phone or a broken display or bleeding pixels, letting it grade the device accordingly afterwards.

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