Google Glasses created quite a hype when Google unveiled them a while ago. The videos released by the company showed that the glasses packed an impressive array of useful features. However, we were told that most of that was ‘in the making’ and that it would be a while before we get to see more of it.

Recently, Wall Street Journal’s Spencer Ante was able to get a hands-on with the glasses. According to Ante, the glasses are cool and do pack many useful features except that most of its software is still being worked on.

Many of us had been curious as to how exactly will the glasses work. Ante says that the glasses come up with a tiny embedded camera, a heads-up display and two microphones. The heads-up display is where all you can actually ‘see’ the interface of Google Glasses.

To use the glasses, you have to rely on different voice commands. For instance, when you say ‘OK, Glass’, this displays the main menu. From this menu, you can then decide whether you want to snap a shot, send a message or make a call.

The company has plans of shipping out the earliest commercial version of the glasses by early next year. This first version will be handed out only to such fans who have pre-ordered the glasses for a whopping $1500. Mass availability still seems a long way off since Google is still working on many of the software components of Google Glasses.

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