Back in April, we first heard about Google’s Project Glass, a wearable computing device that gives users a very sci-fi/futuristic look. For those uninitiated, Project Glass is a spectacle-like device that is worn, with a screen place above the right eye of the user. Glass at the moment is currently a prototype and during Google I/O, the company detailed the device further, expounding on its features and how it will help enhance our lives. For starters the company decided to show off how Glass could be used with Google+ as a Hangout tool.

This was accomplished by Google hiring a crew to jump out of a plane, bikers performing some stunts, which was then followed by a crew repelling off the Moscone Center’s building, all of whom wore Glass to capture the experience and provide us with a pretty unique perspective that we might never have unless we were to do it ourselves. Glass will come with a camera and touch controls by its side and according to Google, the reason why they positioned the display above your eye is because it was meant to be part of your vision, as opposed to blocking it.

Google also claims that they wanted people to use technology “naturally”, which we guess is what they’re hoping a wearable computer like Glass will accomplish. With the latest prototype expected to weigh less than many sunglasses, we guess people can wear it without noticing it too much. Unfortunately the device is still in prototype mode, but the good news is that Google is looking to get it into the hands of the public ASAP and has announced that the Glass Explorer Edition device. These glasses will available only for Google I/O attendees in the US and will set them back $1,500.

Hopefully this is a sign that Glass will be ready in the near future, and we guess with Glass making its way to more people apart from Google’s Project Glass team, hopefully we will be able to discover more of its features soon, so stay tuned!

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