Gran Turismo 5 update 2.08 arriving soon with trio of new cars

There is nothing quite like a patch for a game to keep it running more smoothly than ever before, squashing whatever known bugs there are in the process. Apart from that, introducing newer downloadable content (DLC) would also go a long way in extending the longevity of the title, and this is exactly what Gran Turismo 5 can boast of this morning – a trio of new DLCs and word that update 2.08 will be released next Tuesday, September 25th, should be able to have you burn virtual rubber for quite some time more to come in the world of Gran Turismo 5.

The three new cars will be the Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12, the Subaru BRZ S ’12 and the Honda weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11, where each of them will cost you $0.99 a pop. Not only that, update 2.08 will be a free download that is said to deliver a bunch of new enhancements to GT5, in addition to correcting several reported issues. For instance, you can now select “Disable collisions” in the [Event Settings] of online races, and ID’s are now shown above cars when you watch online races. As for the rate of tire wear in endurance races, that has been reduced, excluding formula cars, of course, among others.

GT5 fans, are you looking forward to update 2.08 and the new rides?

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