Gran Turismo Sport is a video game available for the Playstation platform.

A lot of companies officially design futuristic concept cars just for the game. The involvement of car manufacturers for a game implies that they want to showcase their future ideas to the general public.

Not just that but it also gives them an idea of how the concept is being received by players all over the world as feedback to their design/concept.

With that being said, Jaguar recently designed a new virtual electric sports car (Vision Gran Turismo Coupé) just for GT Sport. Of course, it is pointless to talk about the expectations of the concept for the future.

Here is the official video for the virtual launch:

It is subjective whether you take this to be a practical concept or something that is never going to happen. This car will be added to the Vision Gran Turismo line-up to make it available.

In addition to the video above, Jaguar also shared a lot of pictures in its official announcement post to take a detailed look at what it aims with the new concept car. Here’s one of the images:

Do note that this is a scaled-down image, so if you are interested to take a look at the high-res photos, you can visit the official announcement post.

Nevertheless, it is good to see car manufacturers like Jaguar coming forward with exciting concepts by the means of a game (GT Sport). What do you think about the concept car? Let us know in the comments.

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