Given that both iOS and Android pretty much dominate the smartphone platform scene at the moment, do we really need new entrants into the market? Well it seems that Huawei, probably best known for putting out affordable Android handsets, is interested in doing so and has confirmed that they are working on their own mobile operating system. This is despite the company having denied such rumors in the past, but we guess they must be pretty far along in their development for them to finally admit it. In an interview with Reuters, Huawei’s CEO Wan Biao was quoted as saying, “We’re also devoting resources into coming up with a phone operating system based on our current platform in case other companies won’t let us use their system one day.”

At the moment Huawei is probably most well known for their Android phones, although Windows Phone devices are a possibility. Perhaps Wan Biao’s fears might have to do with Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility which had many worried for a while that Google might start making their own phones and ultimately close off Android to everyone else. Google has since allayed those fears but we guess Huawei has a backup plan of their own. No specifics were given about the operating system and we can’t help but be curious as to what it looks like and what it can do. Any ideas?

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