Iran: No love lost for Gmail blockRemember our story just last week on how Iran blocked Google as well as Gmail, while lining up the very real possibility of rolling out their very own domestic Internet system? Well, that kind of move certainly did not win people over in Iran, as complaints from the general public have been nothing short of scathing, as Iran has her fair share of highly educated and tech-savvy population who will definitely not fall in love with browsers that were programmed by in-house (or should we say, in-country) programmers? Not only that, there is also the political and economic fallout to consider when closing off access to hugely popular sites like Gmail.

Hussein Garrousi, a member of a parliamentary committee on industry, said, “Some problems have emerged through the blocking of Gmail.” What did he mean by that? Well, a fair number of lawmakers were apparently angry about missing their emails. Even the press are complaining about their email access, and when you anger the press, nothing good usually comes out of that, right?

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