In just a couple of hours’ time, we will see just what Motorola has in store for the masses, and whether they are able to steal away Nokia’s thunder from this morning. What you see above was spotted on EvLeaks (the same folks who brought us leaked images of the wireless charging pad for the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones), where it shows off press renders of the Motorola RAZR M and RAZR HD – where both of them feature Verizon’s DROID boot animation as well.

What you see on the left is most probably the mid-range Motorola RAZR M (which we have already seen a video of from Engadget), while the slightly darker phone on the right hand side ought to take up the mantle of the Motorola RAZR HD, 720p display and all. Additional details of either handsets will most probably be revealed in due time later this morning (or afternoon, depending on the time zone you’re in), so don’t go anywhere just yet. We will continue to bring you gadget news in between as fillers.

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