Nexus 7 3G Variant Coming Soon [Rumor]

In June this year, Google unveiled its Nexus 7 tablet which directly launched the company into the mini-tablet market. The tablet has been a success so far with Google claiming that it has flown right off the shelves, with the 16 GB version going out of stock in both U.S. and U.K.

When Google launched the tablet, many analysts speculated that since it lacked the option of 3G connectivity, the tablet is going to be a failure. Despite such adverse premonitions, the sales seem to have been fairly handsome so far. However, the lack of 3G does make Nexus 7 an undesirable option for a potentially large numbers of users.

Apparently, the hardware vendor for the said tablet, Asus, is well aware of this fact and according to reports, it is working on a 3G-enabled version of the tablet. This 3G-enabled version of the Nexus 7 tablet will arrive within the next 6 weeks, it has been claimed by MoDaCo.

We can’t really ascertain the veracity of such claims but MoDaCo says that it is fairly certain of this ‘inside scoop.’ In a way, it would make sense for both Google and Asus to launch a 3G-enabled version of the tablet since that can entice a lot more users.

The $199 price tag of the 8GB version of Nexus 7 has been a major reason for its success. What remains to be seen is that if indeed Asus is working on a 3G-enabled version, which model would it be. Most probably, it is going to be the 16GB model which is being offered for $249. This is because conventionally, tablet vendors have offered higher connectivity speeds on models with greater storage space.

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