One of the downside to some of Nintendo’s games is that they are usually released for the Japanese market first before making its way into English-speaking countries. Granted some gamers don’t mind waiting, but for fans of the franchise this can be particularly frustrating. Now if you thought that by importing those games you might be able to work around the wait, even if means the game has not been translated, you’d be out of luck as apparently the upcoming Nintendo Wii U will be region-locked. This is not too surprising given that the Wii and the 3DS are both region-locked, so this is probably disappointing news to those who are hoping that will not be the case for the Wii U.

This has apparently been confirmed in the latest edition of the Famitsu magazine which has been translated by a NeoGAF member. What do you guys think? Do you think this move was expected, or were you hoping that Nintendo might relax their stance with the Wii U?

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