At this point in time, you can say that the most popular method of locating landmines would be through the use of metal detectors. Well, Red Lotus Technologies have come up with a new kind of technology that they dubbed PETALS, short for Pattern Enhancement Tool for Assisting Landmine Sensing. This particular system was the brainchild of co-founder Lahiru Jayatilaka, a Sri Lankan who first started working on this system while he was still a Harvard undergrad. The PETAL system would require help from your smartphones with initial demonstration photos depicting an iPhone in action, where said smartphone was connected to a device which is capable of reading the metallic signature of the buried item.

The handset will then show off the relative shape of the object, allowing observers a chance to visually determine whether the item is a potential landmine, some unwanted junk, or a pot of gold that lay buried and untouched after all these years. The PETALS project will have slightly more than a month left to raise a whopping $150,000 to see it come to fruition.

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