We took a closer look at the Sony HMZ-T2 at the end of last month, but a fortnight ago, there was no information on the pricing details for the Sony HMZ-T2. Fast forward to today, and we have official word from Sony Japan that the Sony HMZ-T2 has been slapped with a price point, where it will arrive on store shelves this coming October 13th. Needless to say, the Sony HMZ-T2 is obviously a vast improvement over its predecessor, delivering a package that is far lighter on the scales, in addition to boasting a redesigned head strap for improved comfort, with ear buds replacing headphones in addition to support for 24p video and a “Clear” panel drive mode that would come in handy when you are viewing some serious, fast content.

I guess you can make a guess at what the US version will cost after checking out how much the Japanese will have to fork out for it. We are looking at a tune of $894 after conversion, which is rather pricey compared to its predecessor that cost $799 a pop last year Stateside. Do expect to see the Sony HMZ-T2 being in action at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. [Press Release (Japanese)]

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