If there is a scourge to modern technology, it would definitely have a whole lot to do with battery life. While battery capacities increase, the device manufacturers tend to cram in more and more features in their hardware that guzzle up the additional power, leading most ordinary smartphones to last for up to a day at best (assuming you turn on all the bells and whistles, of course). Well, there are some handsets out there like the RAZR MAXX HD that has a really huge capacity battery, but those are more of the exception than the rule. One thing about larger capacity batteries though, they have a direct influence on the way a device is designed due to their bigger size, and this is something Sony wants to have a stake in with their new range of small, flat, external batteries.

These new flat batteries are not meant to be a direct replacement, but rather, to provide additional juice for tablets and smartphones on-the-go, and are the first products from Sony that rely on its thin “laminate” technology. One of them include a 7,000 mAh capacity, which is more or less equal to around 3 full charges to a typical smartphone. The battery tips the scales at 198 grams and measures 130.6mm x 70.4mm x 12.9mm. There will be slightly smaller models in the works that hold 3,500mAh and 2000mAh capacities, respectively, with the latter sporting a cylindrical shape. Prices start from $30 after conversion, depending on capacity as they arrive in Japan from next month onwards. A global release date has yet to be announced though.

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