So we have taken a gander at what could possibly be the Sony A99, in addition to having being treated to photos that were allegedly snapped using the Sony A99. Apart from that, there was also the alleged Sony NEX-6 which was spotted with a bunch of new lenses in tow, so what else is there from Sony that has yet to be revealed? Well, how about the Sony RX1 that you see above?

The Sony RX1 does seem to be one of those compact shooters that is equipped with a full-frame sensor. In addition, it will carry a 35mm, f/2.0 lens without any button, or so it seems, to detach the lens. Apart from that, there is also the presence of a pop-up flash, a standard issue hot shoe for whatever accessories that you want to pick up, in addition to your fair share of custom settings on the mode dial to get you started. Would you pick up the Sony RX1 if the price is right? What is the right price for you, anyway?

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