Studying on campus can be quite distracting, given that your parents won’t be around and you will have the freedom to do as you please. Of course a little self-discipline goes a long way but if you’ve been studying really hard and need a break, it looks like Sony could be coming to the rescue! The company has announced its PlayStation On Campus program where basically come 20th September, they will be touring various college campuses over America in vans packed with PlayStation consoles and games. Each stop will feature four different stations where college students can play PlayStation 3 or PS Vita titles.

This includes Sony’s upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game which is due for release in November, so if this is a game you’ve been waiting for, this will be your chance to play it before its release. There will also be a chance to play Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, and for the sports fan, NCAA Football 13 and Madden NFL 13 are also among the titles that you can expect. Hopefully this won’t prove to be too distracting to your studies, but if you’d like to see the campuses that Sony will be visiting, head on over to the PlayStation website for the details.

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