Japan has been known for its ability to create rather quirky products that you may never have thought of before. Some of these products have ranged from the weird to the oddly useful, although we’re not sure where this Germa Roller Touch Pen for the Nintendo 3DS stands (we’re leaning towards weird). It’s essentially a stylus for your Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console and it looks like it should have no problems getting the job done. However at the same time, the stylus also doubles as a face roller that uses germanium. While we’re not sure if this is true or if it actually helps, but this face roller (and its similar counterparts) is said to be able to strengthen blood vessels on your face and make them less visible, basically letting gamers massage their faces while mulling over a particularly tricky Professor Layton puzzle. It’s priced at about $19 and will be available in Gray, Black and Pink and can be bought from JTT, although we’re not sure if they ship internationally.

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