Buying original games can be expensive and we understand that, but it is also why there are gamers out there who resort to piracy as a means to play the games they want without having to pay a single cent. If you own a Nintendo DS or 3DS console, then you know that there are mod chips out there that let you download the ROMs and play pirated games on your console.

However it looks like future pirates might think twice before messing with Nintendo because over in Canada, the federal court has awarded the company a whopping $9.5 million in damages against a seller of mod chips. The seller in question did not make the chips, but rather sold it through his website called Go Cyber Shopping.

Apart from the damages, the site’s owner Jeramie King will also be forced to issue a public apology on his website. According to Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of business affairs, “Nintendo has an established track record that demonstrates our resolve to protect our iconic characters and franchises.”

“We will continue to protect the creative works of our developers and vigorously enforce our intellectual property rights against those that attempt to steal or misuse them.” While we’re sure piracy will continue to exist, perhaps this should deter those who might be looking to avoid paying out hefty penalties should they get caught.

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