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Nintendo To Continue Maintaining Its 3DS Lineup
When the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed where the console was positioned as a console that could be used for home gaming and also gaming on the go, many were wondering what this meant for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld lineup. Would it eventually be discontinued in favor of the Switch?

Nintendo Unveils SNES Themed 3DS XL Handheld Console
The next mini console that Nintendo will be launching is the SNES Classic Edition, but if you aren’t planning to get the console but love the throwback to the good old days, you will be pleased to learn that Nintendo has also announced during Gamescom 2017 that they have a SNES-themed 3DS XL handheld console in the works as well.

New Nintendo 3DS Discontinuation Will Not Affect The US
Earlier it was reported that Nintendo Japan had announced that the new Nintendo 3DS was being discontinued, thus leaving the 2DS and XL models as the only remaining models part of Nintendo’s handheld lineup. Some were wondering if this could affect other markets, such as the US, but apparently that isn’t something we need to be concerned about.

Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Against 3DS Mod Chip Seller
Buying original games can be expensive and we understand that, but it is also why there are gamers out there who resort to piracy as a means to play the games they want without having to pay a single cent. If you own a Nintendo DS or 3DS console, then you know that there are mod chips out there that let you download the ROMs and play pirated games on […]


Nintendo President Apparently Considering A 3DS Successor
What is the fate of the Nintendo 3DS now that the Nintendo Switch has been announced? According to recent reports, it seems that Nintendo plans to keep the console around. However according to a new report from a Kyoto Shinbun article (via Nintendo Everything), it seems that Nintendo could also be considering a successor to the 3DS.

Nintendo Will Keep Making Games For The 3DS
We know that Nintendo had previously stated that the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS would be existing side-by-side. This is because while the Switch can double up as a portable console, Nintendo sees it as a home console first and foremost. That being said, Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed the company’s plans for the 3DS moving forward.

Nintendo Switch And 3DS To Exist Side-By-Side
With the Nintendo Switch being marketed as a home console that also offers up portable gameplay, many have wondered if this could mean that the company could be looking to discontinue the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. After all why would gamers need two consoles if one already does the job of both, right?

Nintendo 3DS freeShop Software Taken Down By Nintendo
Nintendo would very much appreciate if you bought games for your 3DS from the Nintendo eShop instead of opting for a homebrew software called freeShop which basically imitates its official store. The freeShop software enables Nintendo 3DS owners to search, browse, and download games using titlekeys, they are a sort of encryption that Nintendo uses on the eShop. While freeShop is billed as a way for people to download games […]

Nintendo Wants Hackers To Look For 3DS Vulnerabilities
The fate of the Nintendo 3DS isn’t very clear at the moment following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, which is a gaming system that works at home and on the go thanks to its portable nature. Nintendo has stated that there are no plans to discontinue the 3DS, but why would gamers buy the 3DS if the Switch is portable, right?

Nintendo Banning Players Who Pirated Pokemon Sun/Moon
In the past we have seen how different developers have reacted to gamers who pirate their games. Some have chosen to be humorous about it, while some have decided to act on it legally. Nintendo seems to be toeing the legal line because according to reports, the company has been banning players who were found pirating Pokemon Sun/Moon.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Is Nintendo’s Most Pre-Sold Game In History
The Pokemon franchise on Nintendo’s consoles has been around way, way before Pokemon GO ever came about. However is it possible that thanks to Pokemon GO that interest in the Pokemon game has been rekindled? We suppose whatever the reason is, Nintendo has cause to celebrate as Pokemon Sun and Moon is the company’s most pre-sold game in history.

Nintendo Confirms They Will Not Discontinue The 3DS
With the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, some have wondered what this means for Nintendo’s other handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. Previously the company said that the Switch is considered a home gaming system first, meaning that despite its portability, Nintendo still views it as a home console rather than a handheld console.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Release Date Confirmed
If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the next major Pokemon games you will be interested to find out that The Pokemon Company today confirmed the release date for the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon demo. The demo is going to be released for the Nintendo 3DS later this month while the proper public release is going to take place next month.

Pokemon GO Helps Boost Nintendo 3DS Hardware Sales
Pokemon GO is a huge hit and while we are hearing that the game is somewhat on the decline, there is no denying the cultural impact it has had on society. There is also no denying how it changed the gaming landscape where augmented reality gaming suddenly looked very viable. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it also appears there is no denying how this has impacted […]