In some ways the iPod touch could be thought of as a lower-end version of the iPhone, just minus the voice calling capabilities (unless via VoIP programs like Skype) and less powerful specs. However if you’d rather not own an iPod touch and an iPhone at the same time, but would like to turn your iPod touch into a more dedicated VoIP device, this Indiegogo project might be worth taking a look at. Dubbed the MorphCase, this is basically an accessory for your iPod touch that will give it a speaker and microphone placed in positions where one might expect on the phone. While you won’t be able to make regular calls via mobile networks, it will let you use your iPod touch like you would a phone. It straps on to your iPod touch and plugs into its 3.5mm audio jack. Of course this is only useful if you find yourself making a lot of VoIP calls and have access to WiFi hotspots – either that or you can tether your phone and use the iPod touch to make calls, especially if you know that you’re reaching your credit limit. If you’re interested in helping the MorphCase Indiegogo project succeed, head on over to its page to donate.

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