Sleeping with earphones or headphones isn’t exactly the most comfortable, especially if you’re someone who sleeps on their side. While speakers work, they need to be set up so what better way if you had speakers built into your bed, right? Granted we’re not sure how many of you guys are in the market for a bed with stereo speakers built-in, but if you are, the folks at Time4sleep have revealed a new product dubbed the “Sound Bed”. As pictured above, the Sound Bed is your typical bed and is available in Single, Double or King size. The speakers along with its controls are situated on the side of the bed and should be compatible with pretty much any MP3 player or mobile devices. As far as the speakers are concerned, it comes with a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, allowing you to feel the thump of the bass as you sleep. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, or just want to have a look, the Single sized bed is priced at £299 and more details can be found on its website.

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