Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but these ceramic animal speakers not only look pretty classy, but are pretty inconspicuous as well. After all, on first glance and if we did not tell you, you probably would have thought of these as decorative mantle/shelf pieces, right? Granted they were originally designed to be mere decorative pieces, they have been fitted with 40mm passive speakers that rely on the hollowed interior of the figurine to help amplify the sound. Interestingly thanks to its passive speakers, it will not require a battery or a power source to operate. Instead it will use the power from your smartphone to juice it up, consuming 2 watts of power in the process.

As if playing music on our phones didn’t drain the battery already, now we have to contend with the speakers relying on our phones to power it! Either way if that doesn’t faze you and you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on these speakers, they are available in six different animal designs and some fruit designs as well and will set you back $88.23. Pop on over to GeekStuff4U to place your order.

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