We did see a quad-core powered ZTE Grand Era U985 smartphone late yesterday evening, but that smartphone does seem to be headed only for China. The thing is, ZTE seems to be pursuing after a larger market share in the smartphone industry, with word that there are solid plans to roll out a Mozilla phone sometime early next year, at least according to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.


The Wall Street Journal claims that ZTE is in cahoots with Mozilla so that they will be able to better diversify their product range and not rely too much on Android and Windows Phone as their mobile operating system crutches. Apparently, ZTE is in partnership with “a regional telecom carrier outside of China”, which is not too surprising considering how Mozilla did announce their fair share of tie-ins with Telefonica and Sprint when you roll the clock back.

The Mozilla phone OS will most probably run an HTML-based platform, although it should not compromise on performance in order to keep up with the rest of the mobile operating system pack. What do you think a Mozilla-powered smartphone should pack?

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