“640k ought to be enough for anybody,” says Bill Gates. Well, it seems that the Microsoft maestro had it all wrong. Heck, even smartphones come with 1GB RAM these days, which is many hundred times more than 640k. Fast forward to today, and a source directed SamMobile’s attention to a 3GB Samsung smartphone, citing a future shift in Samsung smartphone designs that will follow a button-less trend. Apart from those delicious nuggets of information, nothing else is known about the device other than that it is being tested for a possible release sometime next year. Bear in mind that these are prototypes at the moment, and could it be a blueprint for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Only time will tell as with all other rumors that make their rounds in the Internet. At this point in time though, 1GB RAM for Android-powered smartphones seem to be more than adequate, although there are variants of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung that do see 2GB RAM thrown into the mix.

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