According to a recent report by AllThingsD, it was suggested that Apple could be looking to add William Stasior to their ranks. Hailing from Amazon, Staisior was part of Amazon’s A9 unit which was the website’s search and search advertising unit, and his role in Apple has supposedly something to do with Siri, which we assume he will be applying his skills to improve Siri further. Stasior also worked at Alta Vista and given his expertise with regards to search, some have speculated that his addition to Apple could also lead to an improvement of product searches within Apple’s own ecosystem. This is expected to allow users to find relevant products such as books, songs, and apps more easily.

Given that Siri was designed not just to help users perform tasks such as composing messages, but to help users perform searches as well, we guess Stasior’s addition to the Siri division at Apple does make some sense. In any case assuming this is true, we guess Apple users can start looking forward to more accurate and relevant search results from Siri and the Apple ecosystem in the future.

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