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Apple Will Finally Be Making Siri Usable Without An Internet Connection
One of the problems with digital assistants is that you usually need an internet connection to use them. This is because the digital assistants need to send your request to a remote server where your voice is processed in order to understand what you say. This is why sometimes it can take a while for things to happen.

Apple Is Working On A Way For Siri To Recognize An Imposter’s Voice
When iPhone users set up Siri for the first time, you will have to say certain phrases so that Siri can learn how you sound. However, it seems that Apple is working on expanding on that feature. According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, the company is working on a potential new Siri feature that can learn to ignore an imposter’s voice.

The New Siri Remote Could Have ‘Find My’ Functionality
When the new Apple TV 4K was announced, the rumors were also proven true in the process in which a brand new, newly-designed Siri Remote was launched alongside it. However, some noticed that Apple’s announcement did not mention anything about UWB being integrated into the remote, suggesting that it might not have “Find My” capabilities.

The New Siri Remote Lacks An Accelerometer And Gyroscope
A couple of days ago, Apple introduced an upgraded Apple TV 4K that comes with upgraded internals and also a brand new Siri Remote. This remote does away with the slippery trackpad like surface and comes with more buttons that will make it easier to use, but internally, it seems to have done away with other hardware components as well.


Siri Might Have Just Confirmed Apple’s Next Event For April 20
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple will be hosting an event later this month. The company has yet to officially announce or confirm anything yet, but it seems that someone from inside Apple might have accidentally leaked the date and according to the leak, the event is expected to take place on the 20th of April.

Siri Could Whisper Or Shout At Users In The Future
Let’s say you’re at a party and the music is blasting and you ask Siri to do something, but you can’t hear Siri’s response simply because the music is too loud. The opposite could be true, where you’re in a quieter location and Siri sounds like she’s shouting at you (because of your volume).

Apple Is Teaching Siri How To Better Understand Atypical Speech
The problem with digital assistants is that they listen to every word you tell it. This means that if you stutter or stammer halfway through your command, it will pick up on that and will spit back errors or the wrong information. This can be rather annoying, but Apple is working on a fix for that with Siri.

iOS 14.5 Will Let You Choose Siri’s Default Music Player
So with iOS 14, Apple has introduced the ability for users to finally set the default apps of their choice for certain functions, such as their browser and email. But what about music players? Turns out that in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update, that could change, but not necessarily in the way that some of us are hoping.

iOS 14.3 Greatly Improves On Siri Shortcuts
One of the changes that Apple introduced in iOS 14 was the ability to add widgets to the home screen. This in turn fueled the desire of iOS users to customize their home screens even further by using Siri Shortcuts to create custom app icons to help match the aesthetics of their iPhones, although there was a bit of a downside.

HomePod Mini Seems To Be Off To A Good Start
When Apple first debuted the HomePod, it was expensive as far as smart speakers were concerned, and it never quite took off the way Apple had hoped. However, it seems that the company could be making up for that with the HomePod mini because according to the estimated delivery times, the dates are starting to slip.

Apple Introduces Their Brand New HomePod Mini
Following the rumors that Apple was working on a smaller, cheaper version of the HomePod, it turns out that the rumors were right on the money because Apple has since officially taken the wraps off their latest smart speaker, the HomePod mini.

HomePod Mini Could Come With U1 Chip
The U1 chip that debuted with the iPhone 11 last year seemed like an indication that Apple was readying its own Tile-like tracking accessory, but now according to a report from Jon Prosser, he claims that the U1 chip is actually the foundation for even bigger plans and loftier goals than just helping you find a missing object.

HomePod Mini Could Be Priced Rather Affordably At $99
According to the rumors, Apple is apparently planning on creating a HomePod mini set of speakers. This device is said to be smaller and cheaper than the HomePod, and now according to a post by Kang on Weibo, it seems that the pricing of the upcoming speaker has been revealed, and we are pretty thrilled by that news.

HomePod Mini Could Be Announced Next Week
With all the fuss surrounding smart speakers, it did not come as a surprise that Apple tossed their hat into the ring when they launched the HomePod. However, to say that the speaker received a lukewarm reception is overstating it as many were put off by the price and also the seemingly lack of features compared to other smart speakers.

Alexa Will Soon Be Able To Control iOS And Android Apps
Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android devices come with their own digital assistants in the form of Siri and Google Assistant. One of the advantages of having a native digital assistant is that it is deeply integrated into the operating system, allowing them to do things that third-party digital assistants can’t.

Using Siri Will Be A Smarter And Less Intrusive Experience In iOS 14
iOS users might be familiar with how Siri operates on their iPhone. When they summon the digital assistant, it is launched in a full screen mode where any questions they ask will be displayed on the Siri screen itself. However, Apple will be changing how that works to make Siri less intrusive and disruptive to your experience.

Research Suggests How Siri Can Be Improved By Mapping Out The Room
When it comes to digital assistants, it’s obvious that Siri could stand to be improved upon. Now according to researchers from Apple and Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, they have recently published a paper that suggests that one of the ways these improvements could be made is by mapping out the room.

Apple Has A Dedicated Team To ‘Save The HomePod’
Let’s face it, unlike the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers, Apple hasn’t had that much luck with the HomePod. Designed to be a “premium” sounding device, the price of the speaker combined with Siri’s limitations has resulted in a device that isn’t exactly flying off the shelves, but Apple wants to change that.

Siri Can Now Help Users Who Are Wondering If They Have COVID-19
Siri can do a lot of things for users, such as checking the weather, traffic, searching for things on the internet, control smart home devices, and so on. Now it looks like Apple has updated Siri where it can now ask users a series of questions to help them determine whether or not they have the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Next HomePod Could Come With Touch-Sensitive Fabrics
At the moment, Apple’s HomePod is designed in such a way that the controls are placed on the top of the speaker where users can control music playback. They can also control it using Siri. However, it seems that in the future, HomePods could sport touch-sensitive fabric that would allow users to control the speakers by touching anywhere around the speaker.