Earlier this year there were rumors of Apple’s HDTV, or also known as the “iTV”. Those rumors have since died down lately, but what’s Apple’s “next big thing”? Well it seems that it won’t be the HDTV, but rather an iDevice television remote. This is according to Barclays analyst, Ben Reitzes who believes that television remotes will be Apple’s next big thing, as opposed to a HDTV set. This remote however is not expected to be a new product – instead it will rely on existing iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

In fact, Reitzes believes that the rumored iPad mini could be the perfect device to get the job done. At the moment Apple’s iOS devices can double up as a remote, although they do have limited functionality such as using it with the Apple TV or with AirPlay devices. However with this expanded remote functionality, all the user would have to do is purchase an Apple TV streamer and Reitzes believes that this is all Apple needs to begin dominating the living room. Could this be what Steve Jobs might have meant when he was quoted as saying as having “cracked” the television market? Sounds possible but we won’t read too much into it for now, but what do you guys think?

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