Last week thanks to a rumor, it was suggested that Google could be looking to release a new Nexus tablet, one that will be priced at a very affordable $99. Given that Google and ASUS collaborated on the Nexus 7, the report by Digitimes suggested that this $99 Nexus tablet could be the result of yet another Google and ASUS collaboration. Well if you were looking forward to a super cheap Google tablet, you might be disappointed to learn that ASUS has come forward to Digitimes and denied those rumors. Now Digitimes has had a pretty spotty record when it comes to the rumor mill, landing some pretty accurate ones while coming out swinging with some pretty far out ones as well. We could read more into this denial but for now, it seems that if you wanted a $99 Android tablet, you will have to look elsewhere. In the meantime we will be keeping our eyes out for more next-gen Nexus tablet news so check back with us later for more updates!

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