I am quite sure that a fair many of us have already played SimCity (or some variant of the game itself) in the past, so it would be like a fish taking to water when one enjoy Betaville, a multi-person open source platform that enables participants to construct whatever empty spaces are available in New York City (that sounds as impossible as looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack), making it share a rather uncanny resemblance to the hugely popular game SimCity. Imagine walking through the streets of New York, or even fly over them, arriving at empty spaces which are depicted by inverted yellow pyramids that hover over the vacant spot.

You are also able to check out the energy usage of some of the buildings in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, in addition to whether there is the capability of heating these via the use of alternative fuels. Betaville opens up your imagination as you work on the glamorous New York skyline, shaping it according to how you would want it to look like. Betaville’s developers are keeping their fingers crossed that these designs would be able to be incorporated into a real world city eventually. I wonder what do the city planners have to say about this…

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