GM Will Be First To Test Self-Driving Cars In New York City

New York has some strict rules for self-driving cars which is why companies haven’t been rushing there to test their technology. General Motors has seen past that, though, and it’s going to be the first company to start testing autonomous vehicles in New York City. General Motors’ self-driving unit Cruise Automation will begin testing its autonomous Chevy Bolts in the city. GM will thus be the first company to test […]

New York’s Internet Kiosks Are Being Shut Down As People Won’t Stop Watching Porn

Where there is internet there is porn. It’s a fact, an undeniable fact, one that LinkNYC should have kept in mind when it started setting up public Wi-Fi kiosks in one of the biggest cities on the planet. When they were launched in February this year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that these 7,500 kiosks would “bridge the digital divide,” but operator LinkNYC finds that the kiosks […]

Ticket Buying Bots Are Now Illegal In New York

If you’ve ever tried purchasing tickets online for a concert you might be aware that it can often prove to be very challenging. That’s because tickets are usually picked up in seconds by bots. Those tickets are then sold at a premium by resellers. This isn’t completely legal but New York is now taking steps concrete against it. The State of New York has declared ticket buying bots illegal.

New York’s Entire Subway System Will Get Wi-Fi This Year

There are several subway stations in New York City that offer Wi-Fi connectivity but it can be a chore to remember which ones do and which ones don’t. By the end of this year, you wouldn’t need to remember them as State governor Andrew Cuomo has promised that the entire subway system of New York City will offer Wi-Fi connectivity in 2016.


New York State Envisions 25Mbps Broadband For All Residents

The state of New York is working on a plan to make sure that all of its residents have access to high-speed broadband internet within a few years, the state envisions to provide 25Mbps connections to all residents at the very least by the year 2018. It’s going to pump in some $500 million into this program called “New NY Broadband Program,” helping the state bring high-speed internet to areas where […]

Facebook Place Tips Will Surface Useful Information Based On Location

Facebook today announced a new pilot program that its running in New York City. The feature it’s testing out is called Place Tips. Users will notice it at the top of their News Feeds when they’re out on the town. Tapping on Place Tips will bring up a series of cards that will bring useful information. Users must have location services enabled to use this feature otherwise it’s of no […]

New York Governor Announces $1 Billion Broadband Initiative

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has detailed a new program which is going to reinvigorate broadband in the state. He has mentioned this initiative previously but now the governor has come out with more details. The idea is to improve speed and access throughout the state and for that purpose the program offers $500 million in public funds that ISPs can access, but in order to do that they must […]

New York’s E-Waste Ban Will Make Throwing Gadgets Away Illegal

In 2015 a new e-waste ban will go into effect in New York which is going to change the way how people in NY get rid of their old gadgets. Let me tell you this, it won’t be as easy as chucking out that old TV in the garbage. The e-waste ban is going to make precisely this kind of behavior illegal and residents are liable to be fined $100 […]

NYC Rolls Out Largest Free Public Wi-Fi Network

New York City, also fondly known as the Big Apple, has taken yet another step in the right direction for technophiles – the city’s Internet access will be enhanced with the introduction of the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, blanketing all 95 blocks of Harlem in the process. This humongous undertaking is known as the Harlem Wi-Fi Network, and by the time it arrives at its completion, it would […]

Revenge Porn Ban Being Considered By New York Lawmakers

Just last week, California created a law that would classify “revenge porn” as a criminal misdemeanor, and it looks like New York lawmakers also want to make a stand against this kind of thing. Unlike California though, New York is looking to include photos taken by the subject as being a part of their stand against revenge porn.

New York Introduces ‘Text Stops’ Along Major Highways, Thruways

We know how difficult it can be to completely ignore your cell phone while your driving as no matter how often we’re told not to text and drive, people seem to do it regardless of the warnings. A number of states have already passed legislations to help combat those who continue to text and drive, although New York will begin introducing “Text Stops” along its major highways and thruways.

Apple Fifth Avenue Store Gets Flooded With Rain Water

Apple is known for its strikingly beautiful retail stores around the world. Perhaps one of the most iconic store is the company’s Fifth Avenue, New York, outlet which was flooded with rain water this morning. New York today saw torrential downpour and due to a leak in the west side of the store, water found its way inside the retail space where some 15 customers were present at the time. […]

NYC Subway Wi-Fi Service Expands To 36 Stations

The MTA held a press conference earlier today in Times Square subway, New York. It announced that now 36 NYC subway stations have access to Wi-Fi service. MTA is working on providing wireless networking across its entire transit service and it is gradually expanding its net. The organization expects that it will be able to provide wireless networking in the remaining 241 underground stations in the next four years. To make […]

New York Police Get Help From Android Smartphones

All right, so New York’s finest might not have a Lamborghini to drive around and catch baddies in, but they do have some tools to help them in the eternal battle against crime. One of the latest tools in the Police Department’s crime-fighting arsenal would be a regular Android-powered smartphone, where approximately 400 phones have been distributed to officers to aid them in their patrol duty. For instance, an officer […]