Word has it that come 2013, we could be seeing next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Of course given that these are rumors, taking them with a grain of salt for now would be the best course of action. However speaking of next-gen consoles, could the next-gen consoles be the last of their kind? Well it seems that with the focus of gaming starting to shift towards mobile devices like our smartphones and tablets, especially given that some of the higher-end smartphones and tablets have the ability to handle superb graphics, it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch of the imagination, would it?

That’s apparently what Blizzard’s Rob Pardo thinks as well which he affirms in an interview with Games Industry. When asked about his thoughts on gaming in the next five or ten years, Pardo was quoted as saying, “Are people going to go out and pay $300 plus for a gaming system that plugs into their TV the way the last generation did? I personally think the answer is yes for one more generation.  […] I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last traditional console generation and it evolves into something new after that.” However he also stated that consoles at the moment still have an advantage in their ability to deliver content that cannot be experienced yet on mobile devices. This is not the first time that the next-gen consoles have been suggested to be the last of their kind, but what do you guys think?

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