In recent times, we have seen a number of really creative ideas on the cameras front. While vendors are pushing the limits of innovation by outing newer cameras, the designers are not less behind by upping the ante even further through their endless creativity.

The chief focus, right now, seems to equip the users with such cameras which are more hassle-free. Among these are wearable cameras which are fun to carry around, easy to snap with and are very useful in taking real-time on-the-go shots. Designer Jeon Yengwon has now come up with a really cool concept design for a camera which can be worn as a ring.

It is aptly named ‘CAMER:ing’ and comprises of two chief components – a tablet-like slate and a separate ring. The ring comes equipped with a camera so that when wearing it, you simply have to click a button to its side and it snaps a shot. Without a doubt, it is a very convenient, and rather discreet, way of taking photos.

These photos can then be viewed on the slate so as to let you choose what snaps were good and which didn’t come off too well. While it is surely fun to have a ring-esque camera, it does come coupled with the privacy problem which seems to block the path of many cool camera designs.

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