The PS Vita has one novelty that other handheld consoles cannot claim to carry – touch controls located at the back of it, although you can say that Nintendo did innovate far more on the portable console landscape than Sony did with the introduction of dual displays, and a touchscreen at that! Well, Canopy’s most recent Sensus iPhone case is one that introduces touch controls at the back of the phone, in addition to the sides to boot. What you see above is just a transparent prototype, so things could very well change in the future.

According to Ian Spinelli, marketing coordinator at Canopy, “The sensors can handle up to ten independent responses.” When you add these inputs with the screen’s six, you have a far better idea on how much more complex games can get on the smartphone. I guess we can have one of those crazy beat-based games at the arcades with so many more touch sensitive options being made available.

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